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Rick-Lund-Head-Shot-copy.jpgRick Lund of Ferrari-Lund Real Estate in Reno/Sparks, NV, can help you with all your real estate needs. Rick started in real estate in 1978 and has been active in the listing and selling of real estate all of those years. Rick sold all of his ownership and managing interest in Ferrari-Lund Real Estate in February 2012. Rick has a simple motto "Big or small I sell them all" He works with first time buyer's who are making their biggest financial move ever. He also helps those who are seasoned and have done it before and want to do it right. Price is of no concern, he works hard to help all of his clients accomplish their goals. Rick will work the hours that you need to work for your busy schedule. Rick relates the story of interviewing an agent that wanted to start a real estate career. This person was so excited that she was going to leave the corporate world with a good salary, a great retirement, paid vacations and don't forget the health insurance. He asked her why would you leave this great job? Her reply was she wanted the flexible hours that real estate offers. Rick proceeded to explain to her that she was so right about the flexible hours, because sometimes you have to be so flexible to try and meet your clients needs that you have to give up some of your personal plans and sometimes even family vacations need to be changed to meet your clients plans. If you commit to helping someone in selling or buying real estate, you, the agent does what needs to be done.

Now you can choose the best team to help you with your real estate needs.

Rick also works with his son, Ken, and Ken's wife Alicia, who also help clients buy and sell real estate. Please visit their website at

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Moving to Reno or Sparks? It's time to make your move!

Rick is a native to Northern Nevada, who else can show you the nice things about this area. It's easy to see why people buy a home in the Reno / Sparks / Northern Nevada area. Reno is a thriving city nestled in an expansive valley, with a vibrant economy, friendly people, diverse cultural and recreational opportunities and an ideal climate for those who cherish the seasons. And the perfect place to call home.

The cities of Reno and Sparks have ever-changing downtown areas with ongoing improvements and renovations. Even in the midst of this progress and activity, Reno-Sparks retains its sense of community and residents haven't forgotten how to savor life. The fresh mountain air seems to encourage the adventurous spirit of this city's active population.

Natives and newcomers agree that Reno-Sparks is a great place to buy a home, raise children, and enjoy an outstanding quality of life.

A Cordial Invitation to Experience Excellence

Rick Lund would like to welcome you to Reno, his home. The level of expertise you'll experience with Rick and his team ensures you of the most competent professional representation possible.

Rick is an active force in the community, supporting the arts, civic and charitable organizations. He is committed to providing the finest in personalized service.

By listening to your needs he can match your lifestyle, with an exciting, comfortable home, that is a good investment.

Rick Lund  provides exceptional client reception and an outstanding secretarial support staff. Each property he handles is considered unique and receives the same professional attention and effort.