Home Sweet Home



This is my home in 2010. Many times, while speaking with my clients, it is natural to discuss my own home in the "Virginia Foothills" in Reno, Nevada. This home has great city, mountain and valley views. People wonder how I can envision what a home can become. These photos show you how a home can change with time and work. This home sits on a little over an acre. It is not zoned for horses but the wild horses in our area don't seem to know this.

1991home.jpg rearhome1991.jpg

In 1991 this home didn't look like much. A nice thing about our home is that from the street you would never know it is over 4000 square feet and that it has separate garage for all of my hobbies.


In 1991 this was a very plain house with tons of potential. Friends of mine have helped me make changes over the years. Dave Hargrove did my first landscaping and installed an in-ground trampoline for the kids, which we still have for our grandchildren, youth from church, neighbors and many others to enjoy. Mark Coates did the initial construction of the daylight basement before we moved in. Jim Elsmore did a remodel of the basement and Nancy's front porch before my mother moved in with us. Alan Forman installed Anderson windows and french sliders so we could better enjoy the home's views.


We live in the "Banana Belt" of Reno, it was an amazing year for the fruit trees I planted. We have cherries on four trees, peaches on two trees, apples on two trees, plus plumbs, grapes, raspberries and more. The horses love it. When your dog is barking and your falcon is screaming you know you have company in the yard.

It is amazing what time can do for your landscaping. My problem today is that some of my trees are growing so big they are starting to block our view. The horses liked our home when we bought it in 1991 and they still love it. They find a lot more to eat now.