Which Rick Lund?






Rick Started selling real estate in 1978. This was after a career of being an independant distributor for Meadow Gold Dairy and Model Dairy. You will see that real estate can change your life. It did change Rick's hair and his teeth. You can also see that his weight has gone up and down.

Rick started selling real estate with Lou Scalise at Scalise Realty as no one else would hire him as he had not yet sold his distributorship.

Rick then worked at Myer's Realty,Inc. He had a short stay with his own Hometown Realty until the interest rates went to 16.5% at which time he went to Dickson Realty where he learned a lot from Mark Combs who was the person who made Dickson Realty the company that it is. Then in 1988 Rick and Carlee Ferrari opened Ferrari-Lund Real Estate where they started with 6 agents. Rick took on Vince Rossi as a partner in 1998 and they bought Carlee Ferarri out. They grew the company to 165 agents with four offices. They were the second highest volume office for years in the Reno-Sparks area. Rick turned over most of the management to partners who were buying him out in 2007. In 2012 Rick sold all of his interest in the ownership of Ferrari-Lund to Vince Rossi and David Graham. Rick is still a full time agent who lists and sells real estate in Northern Nevada.